april 12, 2009


Ed Banger is obviously still going strong (after all these years??). Bit of a funfact though is that even Busy P had to show his stamp to get in the main entrence and that Krazy Baldhead has reduced himself to some lame Jay-Z wannabe MC (and with that name he should at least know better than taking his shirt off.. Krazy Baldbelly?). But the venue was somewhere in between the greatest and the most awsome i've ever been to, Point Ephèmére (or FMR?) looks like a keeper.

the amount of sweat is a great indicator on the scale of fun, we're doing pretty good here!

yes. that is multi colored wayfarers. and yes, he's dancing to Uffies 'Ready to Fuck'.

evenings hotest.

like it.

Juliette LUV

neat look!

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