april 07, 2009

I've been out...

...just haven't had the time to show it off. A full time job in Paris is nothing to make witty jokes about, nor to glorify, here in the country where a difference in the cash register is noting less but a huge mind blowing crisis (even if it's in plus) and the paper work really should be a paid part time job. That's the french bureaucracy for ya. And less time for me to blog. Bah.
Anyway, I've flashed arround a bit even if it doesen't seem like it, and I can now serve you some goodies from the last month. Maybe I should just post more often so I don't have to be so selective. Cus thats what it is, a ruff selection.

Kind of miss hangin arround here. I'll be back.
And I have a post on OsloNights right now. Sassy Parisians swingin the club.
And Priviligert Ungdom is up and running (that's an excuse too. For not beeing here more!)

bon nuit mes petits.

at least some like my hooker light!

so ready

something blue

j'adore les levres rouges.

Kumar pointing at his evil twin brother, or is the evil twin brother pointing at him.. ? we'll never know..

this gal knew how to get attention. and so i gave it to her.

that IS a tamagouchi

tiniest bow tie

pretty girl with looooo...

....ooong legs!

so rad

My man marra showing the club what a real hipster should look like. Eat it!

jesus loves you.

Matt, oh Matt. Muscel Matt.

Lead dancer in the tectonic team on the corner stage. He's soo hot, and big. and glittery..

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