august 23, 2008


Went to Tape to celebrate Julies' birthday, sweet little spot, with a sweet little dj! Heavy drinks and great people made us crave for more.. Got ourselves to Paris Social Club, which in a strange way reminded us of home. aka blå...
Funny how the first guy we ran into at the club was Teki, he remembered us from oslo, which made us stoke even more!
And today we're not even hung over! What a great great night.

Bon aniversaire, Julie!


I thought i recognized that belly...

...and blimey! Wasn't it Teki himself! Love his T from Alive Rivington Club co/ Lacoste... mums

Mes favorites!

Des pygmées!

Raphaël encore! Je l'aime!

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

im so jellous baby. i also wanna hang out with teki. he seams so cosy!

JEG (julie ellen) sa...

Merci les filles !!!
I take some pics for my facebook de merde (for once we look cool on pictures thx to u ! ahahaha)