juni 25, 2008

HOVE pt 2

The sun decided to stay with us today, and the muddy hole of a camp suddenly showed us its bright side. Great concerts with smart indie rockers such as MGMT, Kooks, Vampire Weekend and The Wombats. Unfortunately concerts with Hercules and Love Affair, Ting Tings and Kim Hiorthøy got postponed or cancelled as a result of "fucked up floors" (Hove-festivals own words..). Not to mention the Crystal Castles concert which first was cancelled then just postponed and then finally cancelled again... Bad trip? We danced away our disappointment at Flekken where Ethan from CC played records to a point where the floors smashed in pieces. Consider new construction workers?

No need for these


cute guys

cute girls

social suicide going on here.



hehe. This is just embarassing... but she's so cool!

The Wombats over there

Hercules and Love Affair

Nice thighs

Vampire Weekend

contrast. ooo.

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