november 20, 2008

The best things in life

Long time no blogging, pre-exam nerves lurking up on me, yet another party or three, been high, been low, been drunk and happy and unconcerned about how short time I've got left here, disguised twice -again-, eaten some more chocolate, laughed and end up thinking I'm a lucky girl.

For starters one of my bestiest friends Karima came to visit me the other weekend! We shopped garfield sweaters, did som wicked vintage scooping, saw the Eiffel tower, and ate and drank 'til all we could do was smiiile.

the best things in life, all you can ask for and more, and it's allmost free! not the boobies though...

karima is cool. and hot. and nice! she buys me coffee and croisants.

Look what i found! This one is for you Sam!

the french way is the best way.

and Thea this one goes to you! gack gack!

the black sheep. no wait a minuite..

i'll take you to the candy shop. 50 cent style.


take 5

so.. they were wet and cold, we were dry and drunk, on the other side of the hedge!

I think I've mentioned how there usually is a lot of dog shit and crap on my street, well look what we found tonight! Not to mention the 40€ further up... Lovley area.

And piece of art waited for us when we got home. Thanks Sofie!

me in high heels, first time scince.... ever..! certainly not going back now.

4 kommentarer:

E from the 80's sa... free!


i frankrike er snittprsien på en flaske vin 1,70€. men ja grensen er hårfin.

thea sa...

Gakk Gakk Gakk. Gakk.

Hedda Marie sa...

NÅ fikk jeg sykt Paris-abstinenser!
Herlige bilder, søte du.