oktober 03, 2008

Jeudi, the day you play, the day you dance

I've always been kind of lousy at dancing, and was never very fond of the times our physics teacher forced us to learn those few basic swing steps, or some quirky home made dance of her own. Somehow I always managed to tremble, even at the most simple steps. So when I now got invited to dance Lindy Hop for beginners with a friend of mine, I of course wrinkled my nose, and imagined those long gone traumatic classes... Then she said that the dance leason would be followed by beer drinking. And that's how I took my first Lindy Hop leason.

Even if this is Lindy Hop right here in the clip...we were no where close this to day, I promise... Looks great though, and I've heard practice will do the trick! (pssh..yeah right, mos def not in my case..)

1 kommentar:

Mathias sa...

J.Christ, dont do this to yourself. The music gave me the chills.